Sunday, May 17, 2009

Multi-Media 1

16 x 20 Inches.  $65.  

I love making lines with brush strokes and I also totally dig embroidery; so while pondering the vast possibilities of new design combinations I decided they should join forces to create something new to my collection.   The red lines were made by stitching on the canvas, after it had been painted with acrylics, with embroidery floss.

Sunday Morning Painting

6x6 inches.  I love this one.  $20.

4 x 4 inches each.  The left one sold; the right one is $10.

4 x 4 inches - $10

4 x 4 Inches - Sold as the first painting in a little girl's art collection.  Perfectly sweet.

'09 AAW Off the wall

And it all comes off the wall, into the boxes and eventually lands safely in my home.  

Sunday AAW 2009

AAW '09 was a big success!  Thank you to everyone for stopping by; your smiles and comments made the whole weekend .  Everyone except the woman who said "this is art?  Huh. I could do that!"  Seriously.  Who says that TO the artist?  ANYWAY... here are the final photos.
In the month of June look for me at Anodyne Coffee House in Mpls and at the Lululemon Showroom in Linden Hills, Mpls!

Thank you, Danke, Gracias, Hvala, Tak, Merci, Toda

This is how we started the day Sunday.  I ended up adding more pieces to the right side just to get it all out there.  At this point the show stopped it's rotation and began it's gradual decline as my birdies left the nest to find new homes.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

AAW Saturday Night!

can you find the different paintings?

Saturday Morning Paintings

4" x 4" - sold

6" x 6" - $15

4" x 4" - $10

4" x 4" - $10

6" x 6" - $15

4" x 4" - $10

4" x 4" - $10

aaw friday evening

this is what the show looks like as of close on Friday.  Can you find the differences?
my favorite painting sold from this local, replaced by mountain pose and a some bike love.

super fab

two panels each 24" x 36"


this crazy guy is in the AAW silent auction this weekend.  Bidding starts at the low, low price of $50.   It's dimensions are 24" x 30".  He's a lover.

for me

I needed something to fill a gap in the living room so I painted this one.  On the small panel above I created an elephant from an Ikea serving tray pattern.  For now this one is just for me.

4x4 series

Each sold separately.  $10-$15.  4"x4"

2009 aaw set up

Here's the finished product for opening night!  As I sell it will change.  Check the upcoming blogs for a game of "what's changed/what's been replaced?"

The living room scene...

When I set up the show at home it took up the ENTIRE living room floor!   These pictures helped me set up the show but I didn't have as much space as I had planned on.  So I improvised and will now have a rotating show.  I'm really excited about it.  Whenever I sell a painting I'll send it on to it's loving new home and hang up a new one!   Each night after the show I'll photograph the current paintings on display.  Check in for updates on what's hanging throughout the weekend!  Or please stop by to see them for yourself!