Monday, June 22, 2009

Fish Numero Uno

6" x 12"

Fury Perch

12" x 12"

Tiny Guys

Each of these are an adorable 2.5" x 3.5"
$5. each


4" x 4"

somewhere out there

4" x 4"

gettin' a haircut

4" x 4"

i wanna go

4" x 4"

blue bird on my shoulder

4" x 4"


4" x 12"

Alone, not Lonely

8" x 24"


6" x 12"


12" x 12"

What Happened to You?

16" x 20"

Tiny Guys

Each of these are 2.5" x 3.5"
$5. each
available on

Olsen Arrangement

Commissioned Abstract

18" x 36"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh What Pepple?

6" x 12"  $75

Did the pebble tumble?  I'm glad there's a bird to watch over him.

Pebble and Bird Discuss

10" x 10"  $75

I wonder what that bird is telling the pebble?  Did the pebble ask a difficult question?  They seem to be carrying on amiably.  Perhaps they are setting up a lunch date.

Pepple, Where are You?

2.5" x 3" acrylic on paper

Lululemon Athletica

If you haven't been to Lulu you really must go.  They are a top-quality athletic clothing store offering excellent free fitness classes by hosting a different studio each month.  
My favorite is Yoga on Saturday mornings but my husband prefers Boot Camp on Sundays.  
Maybe I'll see you there! 
2313 West 50th Street, Minneapolis


Here are a few photos of my artwork currently enjoying Anodyne Coffeehouse.  The Anodyne waffles are my personal favorite but the service is also sublime.  
You can indulge too at 4301 Nicollet Avenue South, Minneapolis.

Stairway Gallery

These are the stairs up to my home and of course I turned it into a gallery.  Enjoy!

Etsy Shop; NOW OPEN!

I'm excite to announce that after a lot of work and diligent photo-shopping my etsy shop is now stocked with ten original items!  Each painting was of course lovingly created by me.  Check it out!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Livingroom Art

The blue ones are mine.  But the little brown one with blue lines was painted by my little girl.  I'm very proud of her :)

Pink and Blue

12" x 6"
$ 25

Commissioned Bird Cage

I was asked to paint a sleeping bird to nest in this Pagoda Bird Cage; I ended up painting a series of sleeping birdies.  This is the yellow guy.  It should be noted that the birds only sleep in the cage.  All of the birds I painted are sleeping and so they are happy to be under a roof and out of the cold.  When they wake up they will of course fly free.

The Magic Red Pebble

With this piece I am excited to take my art in a new direction.  It might be the start of a series of magic red pebble paintings that maybe, just maybe, could tell the story of the red pebble through an abstract perspective that is completely subject to the imagination of the viewer.  
I'll say it again; I'm excited.

12" x 36"    $250

Sleepy Beliefs

30" x 24"  $500

Homemade Kitty Bed

I made this kitty bed from a coffee bean bag and a scrap of t-shirt cloth.  Using a sewing machine I attached the two pieces together, filled it with batting and then sewed it closed.  With thread I hand stitched around the corners and through the bottom to hold it in place.  It was very simple and an excellent reuse project!   As you can see my cat LOVES it!
Just laying her makes her SO SLEEPY!

I tried to take a photo while she was off doing something else.

But before I could take very many she came back and claimed the spot!