Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Kid!

Happy Birthday banner made from recycled music sheets and string!

Happy Birthday Eleanor and Maggie!

This series was done as a birthday present for a three of my favorite people as a birthday present.  The paintings can be arranged on the wall many different ways.  They work vertically, horizontally, or split up individually because the tree trunk and branches align when they are put together while also looking natural standing alone.  See for yourself in the photos!
I was also very pleased with the cat-eye glasses on the purple bird!

Triangle Position

16 x 20 inches

dancing fork

This week I made a banner with my studio name!  I made stencils and transfered one letter to each flag.  The flags were cut from old books and hung on red string.  Afterward I took the discarded letters and stuck them to the wall in my home gallery now shortened to just "fork".  It's abstract.  I like that a lot.