Thursday, April 18, 2013

stuffed happy guys become sculputre

These are the start of a new adventure.  I've been making stuffed guys for a few years now and until recently I displayed them in baskets.  Those who noticed them tended to coo about their cuteness and most people didn't notice them at all.  Well, this month I had the good fortune to meet a couple of lovely ladies who excitedly suggested (strongly suggested) that I find a way to hang them on the wall.  And so here I go.  Here they go on to a double life as cuddly buddies and soft sewn sculpture.

I'm very, very excited.
And I can't WAIT to show you pictures.

They will be available to view in person at this year's 
May 17-19.
Mark your calendars and come visit!
There's SERIOUSLY going to be SO many new, cool things in my studio.

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