Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to prepare for an art/craft show.

This isn't your average How-To.
I'm not even sure it's the best way to go about preparing.
But I always prepare.
So now I'll share my process:

1. Decide what art I'd like to pack in the car and haul across the country/city/what-have-you.  This is generally decided at the point that I apply for the show since I have to submit a description of the art I plan to sell.  Make a list.

2. Draw up a booth containing all the elements necessary to display the art you'd like to show/sell.  This will include tables and displays that I already own as well as things that I don't currently own but that I might need to acquire in order to participate.  In the upcoming show there are prizes for best booth.  So I'm going to go above and beyond in booth decoration.  If I can create something amazing.  I'm having trouble brainstorming amazing.

3.  If there's a display option that makes maximum sense and I therefore cannot live/show without it I will acquire this piece.  For my show in two weeks I've decided I need a 4 foot folding table.  Before I buy one I'm going to check around to see if I can borrow one.

4. Inventory what I have and what I need to paint or print.  I make lots of lists because I can't keep track of everything in my head.  Lists calm me.  Also checking things off of lists is extremely rewarding in a career where no one checks your work or gives you raises.

5. Paint.  It's a simple step and I use as much art that I already have as I can.  However, I always like to present something new and I usually need new mini canvas paintings.  This show is no different.  I'm planning to paint 40 new mini canvases.

6. Touch-up existing paintings.  Travel has wear-and-tear on canvases.  Before each show it's important to make sure each painting looks as good as the day I finished it.  Then I carefully re-wrap and package them to keep them safe until the show.

7. Pack art and display in carry-friendly packages.  Ikea bags are a HUGE asset.

8. When all the lists have been checked and everything is ready it's time to pack the car like a Tetris game.  Especially when you drive a Prius, like I do.

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