Friday, June 22, 2012

Ad Hoc Art Opening

TONIGHT! Is the grand opening of Ad Hoc Art!  It looks amazing and I'm definitely going.  I'm so excited that I've decided to bring my baby AND my mom!  It's a gallery.  It's downtown Minneapolis in that sweet building with the notes painted on the side.  And it has MY art inside.  Lil' old me.  Yippee!

"It's about community, creativity & connections. And the art! Amazing LOCAL art. Help support the local arts scene and have fun while you're at it - music, food, drink, interactive pretension. We'd love to have you (& your friends) both Friday and Saturday eve! Cheers."

So come down for a visit from 5-11pm tonight AND tomorrow night!
88 South 10th Street, Minneapolis 55403

Should you miss the opening; I hope you don't but it's summer and I understand that things come up; here are some other dates you can visit either durning the work week or (GASP!) at other events (YES!):
Tues-Fri 11-8; Sat 10-8; Sun 10-3
Open Fri-Sat till 11:00 for 6 event weekends: 6/22-23; 7/6-7; 7/20-21; 8/3-8/4; 8/17-18; 8/31-9/1

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