Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Art Show Rejection

It's always the "NOs" that hit us the hardest, isn't it?  Maybe it's just me; but I doubt that.  This week I got my first rejection in a while.  It came during a week when I had planned and planned to paint but due to the cold weather my son couldn't go to school.

He only goes to pre-school 2 days a week for 3 hours each so canceling them was a major blow to my painting time but more importantly to my sanity.  And then I got a rejection letter.  BIG BUMMER!

I've heard, and I think it's true, that 1 out of every 20 applications is accepted.  So for every 19 rejections you get ONE confirmation.  Recently I'd been told yes a lot.  Yes to this craft show, yes to the next art show.  I even have a gallery show coming up at the Children's Theater, WHAT?!?!  But it STILL stung that I got this "NO."

So I've been thinking, why do the no's pack a bigger punch?

I've decided it's because they go against one's sense-of-self.  A "YES" confirms what you thought about yourself.  "I am a good artist and people should see my work."  A "NO", while generally because something went wrong with your application or perhaps too many artists applied in the same medium, says "There's something wrong with you.  You did this.  You made this happen.  Now reevaluate yourself and be better."  When in reality you don't know why you were told "NO" and you never will.

So, Dear Self, Dear Reader, take a small step back, look over your application and if something jumps out at you make a note not to do that again.  If nothing jumps out: dust yourself off, get yourself a hug, and apply for the next event.  Because 18 rejections later you're going to get some really good news.

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