Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Ever Artist/Mother Blog Post - So this is a blog now.

I've decided this year to use this blog for the first time as a blog.  I'm going to write about the things I'm going through, the things I'm excited about, the things I'm working on.  Well, that last part isn't new, I have shared the things I work on, haven't I?  But the rest is new for me.  I'm going to expose a bit of the ugly side of being an artist and a mother simultaneously (with out a nanny, or a babysitter, ever) in order to be a little more real and a little more connected to you, the people kind enough to read what I write on here.

So, while we're at it how about a formal introduction?  Perhaps in the past we've met in person but now my dear things have changed.  For starters I'm 18 weeks pregnant.  A teeny tiny person is kicking my insides as I write this. I think it's comforting.

Secondly, I'm living 3.5 hours north of my Northeast Minneapolis art studio.  That's just a few million blocks out of the NE Arts District.  "What?! Why?!" You might ask, as I do occasionally.  Well, my bill paying, family supporting husband needed to take a job in this location to round-out his therapy career and take care of some outstanding student-loans.  (In this circumstance outstanding means both not fully paid as well as rather large).  And guess what else?!  I will be living like this for another 3.5 years.  Away from my beloved studio, artist pals, and the arts district.  In the woods where I grew up. I never in a million years dreamt I'd return to the middle-of-nowhere-lumberjack-country to raise a family, but here we are now.

However, I still have my beloved studio (#314 Casket Arts Building 681 17th Ave NE Mpls 55413) and I'm still opening my doors on Casket Arts First Thursday Open Studio days as well as Art-A-Whirl and Cache at CasketArts.  For now.  When the baby comes I will likely limit which Thursdays I'm willing to drive down and open up.  I mean, you don't all come to all of them do you.  And how many people are shopping for art the first week in July?  Anyone? No one?  That's what I thought.  So, we'll revisit the First Thursday topic again, okay?

Now to round me out as an individual I'll share that I've been married for 9 years.  I have a 15 year-old step daughter and a 2.5 year old son, plus that tiny human currently living in my uterus.  I went to school for 4 years to earn a BA in Visual Art from the wildly wonderful Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL.  Wait a second, why don't I live there?  I forget.

Since I plan to converse with you regularly I think I can wrap up this gab session with my goals for the year:
1. Improve sales in my etsy shop. (currently having a MEGA SALE: spend $50, choose FREE ART).
2. Develop more print sales.
3. Work very hard until June, then have a baby and relax.
4. Make lino cut prints.
5. Focus more attention on the frames and expand the illustrations offered framed.

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